How to Get PIck Me Up Service Infinix :
How to Get PIck Me Up Service Infinix :

How to Get PIck Me Up Service Infinix :

Pick me up, Infinix service center service foryou

As one of the most popular smartphone brands in Indonesia today, you  can easily find Infinix service centers in various places. As we know, Infinix today is one of the emerging brands. The number of users continues to grow every day.

As no, this Chinese brand presents a variety of quality smartphone products at very affordable prices. This is what makes the market grow. Its sales have also increased sharply in various regions of the country.

Despite the fact that there are always attempts to provide consumers with the best product, the name of the harm is still there. For those of you who are facing this one problem, don’t worry. There are many ways in which you can communicate directly with the Infinix service center .

Of the many ways in which you can try to contact the service center, there is one way that we highly recommend. This way is to use the service “Pick me up”. This is a great service from Infinix to its customers.

What is the Pick Me Up service

The Pick Me Up service is a service provided to Infinix customers whose home distance to the nearest service center is more than 30 km or more than 2 hours if you are using a vehicle. Of course, this service will be very useful for those who are really constrained by this.

This service is integrated with maps and location features on your Infinix smartphone. Thus, the system will automatically detect your location. If it is proven that you have committed data fraud and pretended to  live in a remote location just because you want to receive services, of course, your request will be denied.

That is why those of you who want to contact the Infinix service center using this one method must first take into account the following basic requirements. Given the large number of Infinix users at the moment, of course, you need to be patient, becausewhen ordering this service,”Pick Me Up Service” must be a special queue.

This service is really very useful to facilitate your actions in improving the various Infinix products you have. But, of course, there are conditions that you must fulfill before you do this.

Terms of use of the Pick Me Up service

Using the service of the Infinix service center, this means that you have agreed to the conditions set by the developer. If you are unable to meet one of the conditions set forth, this single service is considered invalid for you.

Therefore, you need to understand what conditions apply. Immediately we provide another explanation of the terms of use of the Pick Me Up service for customers of Infinix products.

  1. The Pick Me Up Service is only available to those who have Infinix products under warranty. If the warranty has expired, this service is no longer valid.
  2. In order to receive this service from the Infinix service center , the sealant for the product being repaired must be intact. If it is proved that the seal is broken, torn or repaired elsewhere, then your right to this service is considered lost.
  3. The LCD screen and touch screen of the Infinix smartphone are still intact. If there is a part or damage, your right to receive this one service is considered lost.
  4. When using this service, you must attach a product warranty card. Moreover, you must also attach proof of the purchase receipt to the repair package.
  5. Attach a photo of the last condition of the product that will be sent to the Infinix service center. The photo must be sent by e-mail to the address specified by Infinix.
  6. Prepare a box or box to wrap a damaged Infinix device. In addition, make sure that the package is done correctly so that the Infinix product can avoid all sorts of collisions during the trip to the service center.
  7. Customers who can receive this service are those who have received a confirmation email from the Infinix Center and are approved to carry out repairs immediately. After this stage, the courier will immediately come to pick up your goods.

Make sure you meet these requirements when you want to use the Infinix service center service “Pick me up”. If there is only one condition that you do not meet, of course, the process of applying for the desired repair will never be approved.

The irreparable condition of  the Pro Duk with the Function of the Pick Me Up service

As we discussed earlier, there are several types of products that cannot be repaired in service centers through the Pick Me Up Service application or other utilities. You should avoid this condition so that your product is still under warranty and a repair warranty until it is finished. Let’s just say there are several reasons for this:

  1. The warranty period of the Infinix product you purchased has expired. If the warranty period has been missed, Infinix will not be liable for any damage suffered by you.
  2. The damage you suffer is caused by human error factors. So it does not appear due to damage to the machine or part of the Infinix smartphone itself.
  3. Your Infinix phone was repaired elsewhere until it was repaired by Infinix.
  4. Damage caused by natural disasters.

However, for those of you who have products with the above criteria, you can still get the  services of the Infinix service center. However, the burden of service costs will be provided after the repair process is carried out.

How to Get PIck Me Up Service Infinix

It should be understood that there are several steps that you need to follow to get this Pick Me Up service. What you need to understand in advance is that “Pick Me Up Se r vice” will take your product to a service center. The operating time of this service is from Monday  to  Friday from 9.00 to 17.00 WIB.

The confirmation time required to  receive  news from the central Infinix service center is 1×24 hours. Follow these steps to get the best service in this one:

  1. Send an email address
  2. Fill in the subject of the email: “Take Me Up Service Infinix” – (your city)
  3. In the email sent, enter the following data:

3.1  Name

3.2  Full address

3.3 Nėramor HP

3.4  City/County of residence

3.5  Postal code of your region

3.6  Product pickup hours

3.7 The  type of Infinix smartphone you have

3.8 IMEI number of your Infinix product (15 digits)

3.9 Colours of the product

3.10 Types of problems your product faces

3.11 Photos of the state of the mobile phone and other equipment being sent

If you have fulfilled this data. Infinix will immediately give an answer within 1×24 hours. After that, the Infinix courier will pick up your damaged product and take it to a service center for repairs.

If you want to ask about the repair process and other information related to the Pick Me Up service of your choice, you can visit our official website at or by calling the official  number  of  the Infinix service center 081807921583 and email

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