List of Asus Service Centers South Jakarta and Outside Jakarta
List of Asus Service Centers South Jakarta and Outside Jakarta

BelanjaHemat, List of Asus Service Centers South Jakarta and Outside Jakarta

Asus Jakarta Selatan service center is indeed needed by its users. So that do not let when there is a problem with the electronic goods that you will  buy do not become damaged at all. In this case, the service center is located almost all over Indonesia, both cities and villages.

Of course, the Asus brand is certainly  known, because the brand is one of the most famous in Indonesia. The products are very many, especially for laptops, notebooks, and smartphones. The more here the product from Asus will be the better and certainly haveagood quality.

Manycans of users of this brand, the basisis a fairly cheap price. And it has the best quality and lasts when worn correctly. When compared to the price of other laptops, Asus has a fairly different price. Of course, at a cheap price and durable when used.

Because there are so many Asus products that are sold in masyarakat. So it is not surprising that asus opened various service centers throughout Indonesia and service center Asus South Jakarta. With the spread of the service center, it will make it easier for its users to get in touch with the Asus.

There are several free services that are done by admins when you buy things. And have a warranty card. You will be given a free service, free of charge at all. And some other services. Included in replacing parts when there are some components of your electronic goods  damaged.

Why You Should Fix di Service Center

If you have Asus electronics and happen to be damaged. Then it must be repaired at the asus service center south Jakarta. Why residents in South Jakarta should repair in official service. What is the advantage. And what are the shortcomings if repaired in the official service.

Advantages of service centers, or official service places. The first is in terms of spare parts which of course are very much. This is because, the official service place has been supplied by the relevant company for parts. This place also provides some free programs if you have a warranty card.

The next advantage, in addition to complete spare parts. The process of work is quite short. But this cannot be ascertained because it must be seen first how severe your damaged electronics are. Speaking of energy, you don’t need to worry because the energy must be professional.

As we have said earlier , the South Asus Jakarta service center as an official service does have a warranty program. So if you buy Asus items, such as laptops, and mobile phones. Then there will be a guarantee. And with the warranty card you can repair it at a free price.

The disadvantage is, they neverelayani goods other than asus produk. This is very reasonable because all brands of smartphones or laptops have their own service centers. So when you repair at an official service place it will be very profitable and cannot be misplaced.

List of Asus Service Centers South Jakarta

At least if you make repairs at an official service place, you will get original parts and with the service of a professional team. Therefore, after repairing it will seem like a new item. You will feel new items even if it is just the result of improvements in the service center.

For users who happen to live in the Jakarta area, especially South Jakarta, it is necessary to listen to this writing. But before you go to the service center then first understand that there the spare parts are the original. That’s why when it is more expensive, it is certainly very reasonable.

The first is in the area of STC Senayan Lt. 1 No. 1003A, Jalan Asia Afrika Pintu IX, South Jakarta, if you want to contact by phone then you can go directly to the number (021) 500128. Then it is also located in the Golden Plaza complex, Block E / 39-40 Jl RS Fatmawati No. 15, South Jakarta.

For the phone number of the south Asus Jakarta service center, which is located in the complex is (021) 75914343. Open only 09.00-17.00 monday-Friday. Its services in addition to Asus electronic device services, also sell several products, such as Notebooks, Tablets, Smartphones, laptops and other Asus electronic goods.

Furthermore, it is still in the South Jakarta area, it is at the address of the Point Square Mall complex on the 2nd Floor No. 27, Jl. RA Kartini No. 1 Lebak Bulus South Jakarta. The number you can  call is 0812-15129496. For opening hours are at 10:00-19-00 on Monday-Sunday.

List of Service Center di Jakarta Selatan

In addition to some of the places above, there are still some places that you can  stop by to serve. The first is at Mall Ambassador 1st Floor No. 31, Jalan Professor Doktor Satrio Raya, RT 11/04, Karet Kuningan, Kuningan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta Capital Special Area.

You can call the phone number +62215760538. And not just on Monday-Thursday at 10:00-19:00. Furthermore, if it is still far from your place  then busa langsung come to the address of Electronic City Lot 22, Jl. Jend. Sudirman No. 52-53, RT05/01, Senayan, Kec. Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta City.

If you berada in the Sunday market area, then you can directly come to the address of Jati Padang Raya Street No. 69, Jati Padang, Pasar Minggu, Pasar Minggu, RT 03/04, Jati Padang, Kec. Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta City, Jakarta Capital Special Area. You can  call the phone number +62217821929.

For the opening hours of this Asus Jakarta Selatan service center at 08.00-20.00. And open every day. And there is still more service center address if you feel that the place above is still far away.  You can come to the address of Jl. Mampang Prapatan V No. 48-49, RT 09/03, Tegal Parang.

Being in kecamatan, South Jakarta City, Special Area of the Capital Of Jakarta, to contact it you can go to the phone number +6281310010606. And the clock is not at 09.00-17.00, open every Monday-Friday. In addition, we will also convey several addresses outside South Jakarta.

Asus di Outdoor Service Center Jakarta

So in addition to the Asus South Jakarta service center, there are still several other places outside Jakarta, here we will convey. Precisely on Jl Ring Road Utara (Depan Hartono Mall Kelurahan No.KM. 5, Sanggrahan, Condongcatur, Subdistrict. Depok, Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region. Can be contacted to the +622744469329 number.

Open only 9.30am-5pm, on Monday-Saturday. Another service center is on Jl. Gajah Mada No. 21, Purwokinanti, Pakualaman, Yogyakarta City, Yogyakarta Special Region. Open 08.00-16.00, while for the day is Monday-Friday.

In addition, there are still several other places. As in East Java Province, precisely on Jl. Klampis Jaya No.39, Klampis Ngasem Subdistrict, Sukolilo Surabaya City, East Java For the phone number is 1500128. You can go there from 08.00-17.00 every day.

The last is on Jl. Semeru No. 17 RW 3, Kauman Subdistrict, Klojen Malang City, East Java. If you want to just wonder, call 1500128 number. To go directly to the location can come at 08.30-17.00 every Monday-Friday. Those are some service centers other than the Asus Service Center south Jakarta.

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