Gojek’s Business Expansion You Should Know : RsudSuka
Gojek’s Business Expansion You Should Know : RsudSuka

Gojek’s Business Expansion You Should Know : RsudSuka

Göjek Call Center is a Solution and the Key to Its Great Success

Gojek’s call center has a role to play in terms of the rapid progress of one of the rising companies in this digital-filled age. An increasingly evolving and evolving era is one of the factors by which many start-up type companies are able to grow rapidly, leading to the modernity and complexity of all technologies in the world.

Armed with making it easier for consumers and the wider community in terms of transportation providers or delivery services, Go-Jek is growing very fast and even the problem that its shares will be listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange is very fast. Doing so will be broader in terms of obtaining capital by investors.

 With the Gojek call center, it also makes it easier for its users to complain and complain to the company if they encounter a problem that suddenly happens to  them. There are many issues affecting consumers and users of Go-Jek services, but so far these issues have been well overcome by the company.

So the wider community, as users of this application, increasingly trusts and has full confidence in this company. Although there are currently many emerging companies trying to shake up Go-Jek’s position as one of the leading and best-selling companies in this space, it still seems to have no impact. Proof of this is that until now its popularity still remains at its peak.

Gojek call centers are sometimes the busiest part due to the many field issues faced by customers and drivers themselves. Therefore, the change in this section must always be active and fulfilled.  Employees of this call center department should always be focused and responsive, especially when there are call center calls from customers and users of this application.

Gojek’s Beginning in  the  Air

Go-jek is currently a trend for the wider community on various fronts. Everything is completely digital, making it more pleasant in the eyes of the public. In fact, the beginning of the founding of this company was a result of the founder’s concern to see the phenomenon of base motorcycle taxis struggling for passengers by waiting for a long time.

Instead of waiting too long for travelers every day through Gojek’s call center-based service, the company’s founder eventually decided to start a business called Go-Jek. Initially, in 2010 it consisted of only 20 drivers. With the development of time, it has progressed in a very short period of 4 years.

The reason for this progress is that founder Nadiem Makarim made a very smart breakthrough in 2014 with the innovation of an Android-based application. Therefore, with the app, users can easily order motorcycle taxis to get them to specific destinations. This was the beginning of the explosion of the name Go-Jek.

Then Gojek’s call center  service  also has the ability to become an increasingly integrated complaint center. Whatever issues app users face, they are answered quickly by the company. This was given to Go-Jek to predict the bad things that happened to its customers. There are two customers, drivers and users of the delivery service.

Gojek’s Business Expansion You Should Know

Although it was the beginning of its establishment in Indonesia, it did not only cause him to want to make his big name known in the country. The owner also monitors its market share in Southeast Asia. There are three other ASEAN countries where Go-Jek is involved. Because this is done to make it easier for the wider community to provide transportation for relocation.

The first ASEAN country outside Indonesia is Vietnam. But in Vietnam, the name is not Go-Jek, but Go-Viet. It lives up to the name of the country. Go-Viet finally managed to get back on its feet and launch its services in 2018. Despite the pros and cons, the company’s development in Vietnam is very fast, and Gojek’s call center is also getting better.

Later that same year , Go-Jek expanded his business to Thailand under the name GET. Especially in Thailand, which is quite densely populated for tourism activities, GET is growing very quickly. On the other hand, it can provide jobs to the wider community as one of the solutions to reducing unemployment.

Gojek’s call center was busy with its duties again when Go-Jek managed to reach Singapore. With a very good market share there, to make this company’s business more advanced and make extraordinary profits. Thus, investors are more enthusiastic about investing.

Investment Growers in Göjek

After the beginning of its appearance, which collected the pros and cons, finally this company managed to attract the attention of other companies and large parties in order to be willing to invest. Since 2015, it has been seen that there are many parties from individuals and large companies who want to invest in Gojek.

The first is DST Global, which has NSI Ventures and Sequola Capital, as well as injected their capital into Gojek in 2015. So, while there was a boom in 2014 with this gojek call center-based application, these companies also stepped on the gas as quickly as possible to invest in this company to make a profit.

After that, many other companies were jealous and made sure that they did not want to lose investment in Gojek. These companies, such as KKR, Warburg Pincus, Capital Group, and most recently Farallon Capital in 2016, invested in Gojek. They see very well the potential of this company in the future.

 The latest thing that makes Gojek  enthusiastic about providing the best service to call center employees and all internal parties is the injection of large investments from Google, Astra International and Djarum in 2018. Even Facebook and PayPal don’t want to go overboard in investing heavily in this company.

Benefits of Using the Gojek App

A good system is one of those things that makes users of this app feel safe if something undesirable happens. Because its 24-hour uninterrupted availability  causes its users to have no worries at all.  Even if they experience a problem or issue in the middle of the night, the service is still active.

 That’s because Gojek’s call center services  make it a dream of people or the wider community, especially accommodation. The ease of ordering a variety of things means we don’t have to come directly to the place to buy anything. Just order it through the gadget, then everything will be available in front of you.

Not to mention whether there are attractive promotions related to some discounts. It allows its users to reduce their costs. Like free shipping and discounted prices for food. The proposal was made because it was one of the marketing strategies in navigating the competition in the digital world. It is legitimate to do this to attract the attention of consumers.

The world is getting better and better, which causes people to prefer things that smell practical, but it does not cost money and much energy. Use existing apps wisely without harming any party. Gojek’s call center is always there for you when you get into trouble at any time.


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