Information on retail is all available in the Call Center : PolresGowa
Information on retail is all available in the Call Center : PolresGowa

Information on retail is all available in the Call Center : PolresGowa

Four Permata Call Center Services  You Can Try

Permata call centers are more than just forums and bridges between official bankers and their customers, where customers can express complaints or questions. Call centers can also be used as a means of communication to communicate necessary customer information regarding the bank’s products.

As one of the most reliable banks, Permata Bank can certainly provide various types of services to its clients and clients. These different servicesare certainly performed to be able to alleviate any burden owned by the customer. One of them is loan services and savings services easily.

If you previously had to walk to the nearest Permata office to get this information, now you can only request complete information through the  Permata call center. You will immediately be connected with qualified and knowledgeable personnel to answer all your questions about the product.

Just dial the phone number that has been notified, then you will immediately connect to the bank. Then  what are the banking products whose information can be obtained through the Permata call center? Here is a full review of the various premium products of Permata Bank with which you can get information.

Information on retail is all available in the Call Center

One of the premium products offered to its customers is retail products. It covers a wide range of categories, from term deposits, savings, mutual funds, current accounts, even to mortgage services. There are still many types of Permata Bank  retail products  that you can enjoy the benefits of. For that, get the full information right away.

You can easily find the information related to retail and general products above through the available Permata switchboard. This call service is non-stop 24 hours a day. So you can contact Permata  bank  at any time, and of course the answer is quick.

This call service is automated because it is answered with an autoresponder tool. However, the answers given are also still of high quality and are based on real officers who are fully knowledgeable about the products sold earlier. Try contacting now to get information.

The retail products offered are of a more general nature and can be used by anyone for any need. You  can  also create a credit card through this service according to what you need. Today, everything can be done simply and easily, without more effort.

Want to join the Hajj? Get Syariah information through Permata call center

In addition to offering conventional retail products, Permata Bank also offers Islamic customer-friendly sharia products. This type is not fundamentally different from regular retail, it’s just that this sharia product offers an economical service to go through the Hajj.

Of course, who doesn’t care about the hajj and is  trusted  by Permata Bank  ? This Hajj savings account is for customers who plan to do Hajj. To save costs, it is easy and does not burden customers at all. Just follow the given requests.

There are  also  a number of benefits offered by Permata Bank in this case that are very pampering to customers. You can get complete information through the Permata  call center at 1500111. The benefits that can be obtained include not only the amount of money saved but also the certainty for the departure of the Hajj.

The guarantee of departure to this hajj was obtained based on the SISKOHAT of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia. What else is suspect? Not to mention, the initial deposit you pay tends to be small, being 250,000 rupiah, even up to 50,000 rupiah for the next time. Administration fees   are also free without any monthly conditions.

For savings transactions, it is also very easy. You can do anywhere  the Bank of Permata office, both public and sharia. You can request complete information through the  Permata call center provided by the bank.

Meet your business needs through SME products

Business is one of the great opportunities to be able to make a profit. However, many people often have problems when they want to start their new business. Therefore, Permata Bank comes with products for small and medium-sized businesses to help you meet all your business needs. Interested in using this service?

If you are interested in trying out this one product, you can find information through the Permata call center. Through this connection, you can get soluble, complete and accurate answers even though they are answered by self-answering machines. You just need to press the number 1500399 or send an email to

One type of SME product offered is a fixed loan. This fixed loan can be as useful as your business capital. The advantage that you can get from this service is, you will be firmly funded for all your business needs later on. Of course, this is very profitable.

The  payment  schedule  also uses a repayment program in the form of installments adjusted according to the cash flow of the Customer business. The use of this fixed loan service, in addition to helping to provide capital, also helps to streamline cash flow from the business that customers run. You should try it now and feel the benefits.

Trade finance can also be obtained early

The final product that you can get information through the Permata call center is trade finance.  Permata Bank offers this service to those of you who run a large commercial enterprise with others. Of course, this service is useful to provide security for the commercial transactions that you do for your business.

There are many benefits that you can get from this service, for example, providing a guarantee from a bank will make your commercial business more reliable. Not only that, commercial transactions are also ensured security through domestic and foreign data collection means.  Of course, your business has been kept safe.

Not to mention the facilities that issue and receive SKBDN and LC. This helps you expand your trading business abroad reliably and is also easy to do. It’s a very easy base for you, right? Because really this commercial business needs to be protected and secured.

This trading business is really a risky and dangerous business if you are not careful in maintaining its security. That is why you have to entrust it to a very reliable party in managing this type of trade-related issues. If your business is safe, of course the profits you get are also high.

To be able  to  contact Permata to  get complete information about this product, you can press on the same button as the SME service, namely to the number 1500399. Just say what you want to ask, then it will be answered immediately.

There are still many different profitable products that you can really enjoy from  this  Permata bank  . Everything is designed to meet your needs. Now, what doubts do you have about all of the above products? You just need to contact Permata call center  to find out more information about the above products.

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