Tips for serving Dongkal agar cakes are becoming tastier : LetsMix
Tips for serving Dongkal agar cakes are becoming tastier : LetsMix

Tips for serving Dongkal agar cakes are becoming tastier : LetsMix

Zavirite na http recipe-kue-dongkal-original-khas-java-barat untuk Kue Dongkal Delicious

Perhaps many of you do not know the traditional cakes whose recipes can be found at http this recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat . Yes, Dongkal Cake or also known as Awug Cake is a type of traditional food originating from West Java. These foods tend to have a sweet and salty taste.

At first glance, the look of this traditional cake is quite similar to Putu Cake, which is often sold around, because this food also has palm sugar in it. This delicious and unique sweet taste makes dongkal cake that people love very much, and it is still widely sold today.

In fact, making this traditional cake is not difficult. But there are some specific tips that must be done to make the composition and texture of the food delicious and fit in the mouth. Because, if it is wrong in the processing process, it is possible that the Dongkal cake you make will have a hard texture and be less tasty.

The choice of fresh ingredients and the right processing techniques are the keys to the success of this traditional cake recipe. Referring to http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat, here are some tips and recipes for making dongkal cakes that are delicious and delicious and become family favorites. You can start teaching him.

Tips for preparing ingredients for making dongkal cakes

The main step that you need to do before starting the process of making dongkal cakes is to prepare the necessary various ingredients. To make this cake, the ingredients are actually not too difficult to get. In fact, you only need a few main ingredients such as rice flour, palm sugar, coconut and pandanus.

Make sure you use fresh ingredients in the production. For example, when choosing a coconut, choose fresh coconut so that your dongkal cookie dough is soft and the delicious taste is felt without the smell of langu. For the flour itself, you can beat the rice until smooth and produce flour.

For the used palm sugar, you can use palm sugar in solid or crystalline form. However, it would be better to use grated palm sugar. This is intended so that the sugar is not too refined and still has a sweet taste in the mouth without distractions when chewed.

Do not forget to prepare fresh leaves of counterparts as well. The use of counterpart leaves in this dongkal cake is to make the cookie dough softer and more fragrant. So that when eaten, not only the sweet and salty taste, but there is also a distinctive aroma of counterparts that spoils the mouth even more.

In addition to the four main ingredients right now, remember to add a little salt as needed. The goal is to make the taste or taste of dongkal cake more balanced. Not only sweet and coconut flavor, but also deliciously tasty according to the http recipe recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat.

Pay attention to the steps when cooking steamed rice flour

After preparing the various ingredients necessary for making dongkal cakes, you can now proceed to the next stage, namely at the stage of processing or making cakes. Of course this is the most anticipated moment. In addition to materials that are easy to obtain, how to do it is no less easy, even for beginners.

http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat provides recipes and production steps that you can practice directly. The first is the preparation of rice flour, where you have to beat the rice until it is smooth and sifted. But if you have ready-made rice flour, you can immediately steamed it with the leaves of the counterparts.

Then put a few pieces of panda leaves so that the aroma is fragrant. If so, you can start steamed. Do not forget to multiply the bottom using a clean napkin. Wait up to 20 minutes while steaming. If 20 minutes have passed, you can take it out of the steamer and let it cool.

Once it has cooled, you can move it to another container while adding a few salts. Then knead the dough by hand as you add little by little water. Make sure the dough is grainy, but still coagulates when shaped by hand. Then sift the dough so that the granules are evenly distributed so that there are no large lumps.

Prepare fillings and molds dfrom Dongkal cake

The next step in http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat in making a delicious dongkal cake is to print it before you start mating again. If the dough is kneaded ready for use, then you can prepare the following equipment, which is a mold measuring 12 cm for its diameter. You can put the dough little by little.

Make sure that you do not immediately fill the mold with flour dough. Fill it starting with a quarter of the mold, then wipe it with grated palm sugar. It does not have to be too thick, it is important that the sugar is evenly distributed on the surface of the flour. Then wipe it again with flour dough. Make it in about three layers.

http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat also direct that if the dough is all in the mold, then you can start steamed it. Do not forget to heat steamed water. This is done so that the steaming process goes perfectly, and the dough is well cooked so that it is not hard.

Tips when cooking this dongkal steamed cookie dough so that it cooks evenly is to make a hole in the middle of the printed dough. This is so that steam in the process of steaming can get inside and help the process of cooking the dough to be thoroughly cooked. Wait until about 30 minutes.

Tips for serving Dongkal agar cakes are becoming tastier

The last step http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat in making dongkal cakes is to serve them. You can’t wait to try it, right? To make it tastier, do not let it be served incorrectly. The following are serving tips after 30 minutes dongkal cake is steamed and perfectly cooked.

First you need to grate the coconut, which was prepared at the beginning. After grating and squeezing the water, you can start steaming the coconut for a few minutes until it boils and withers slightly. Don’t take too long because grated coconut can lose its texture so it’s less tasty if it’s going to be eaten.

When you’re done steaming, let the temperature drop and cool for a while. After that, you can sprinkle the grated coconut on top of the cooked dongkal cake. Or you can serve it next to it. According to http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat, you can enjoy it by whipping on grated coconut.

Now you can enjoy the sweet taste of palm sugar, plus salty sprinkling of coconut, as well as the soft pandanus-flavored dough texture that’s tempting. Who doesn’t want to try this traditional cake right away? Of course one family will like it and enjoy many times without boredom.

Isn’t it hard to make this simple and delicious cake? As long as the ingredients you choose are fresh and correct, then you can definitely serve this delicious cake. You can also find all the ingredients anywhere without any headaches. Even this recipe doesn’t cost much.

Now you can try this simple recipe for making traditional West Javanese cakes. There is no need to be afraid of failure, because there is no process of making cakes that are too difficult and require special techniques. You just need to practice these simple recipes and tips from http recipe-kue-dongkal-asli-khas-java-barat.

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